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January 2018
Colorseum 31-2: received natsuo09, sulfur15, deluded15, hinomoto06, pact09, accused07, hornless16, stress15
Recycled Art: received nabradia04, nataku15, oar01, oneesan08, oneesan09, oneesan10, oneesan11, oneesan12, oneesan13, oneesan15, oneesan17, oneesan19, orbit01, orbit11, orbit15, oyajijokes04, oyajijokes06, oyajijokes09, oyajijokes13, oyajijokes15, oyajijokes18, padlock02, padlock09, padlock11, padlock15, padlock16, padlock19, parenting15, parenting20, pet17, pet19, petulant08, phones15, player108, player203, player210, pottery01, pottery05, pottery06, pottery15
Crazy Colors 194: swapped brat for davinci06, traumatic08, potter12, masamune13, a-10010015
Mastered Seahorse: received seahorse-mastery, clumsy13, arsene16, wrongbag03, one yellow crayon
Level Up to Strawberry: received bookstore16, relationer20, kuga-p03, gottasmoke12, one red crayon
Level Up to Grey: received bookstore15, carrot09, lonetiger19, one orange crayon
Level Up to Brown: received bookstore14, cedaf14, pms13, one grey crayon
Art Shop Crayon Turn-in: swapped one red, three orange, five yellow, one green, three blue, two brown, two grey for flowery02, ronin04, ronin07, ronin09, darkmoon07, darkmoon08, darkmoon11, darkmoon13, darkmoon14, earphones02, clumsy15, clumsy16, clumsy19, bookstore09, bookstore10, illness02, illness06
Recycled Art: received korobokkuru18, korobokkuru20, lazy01, lazy03, legalwife02, leyline04, leyline16, liaison05, liaison07, liaison16, liaison19, lightning06, lightning07, lightning11, lightning14, lightning15, lightning20, locket09, lovewing18, marimo18, marimo19, maru05, maru08, maru11, maru12, maru16, maru18, maru19, mask05, mask14, mask16, momokan12, momokan13, momokan16, momokan17, momokan19, momokan20, mysticeyes07, mysticeyes12, mysticeyes13
Shadow Watching 264: received amulet10, winery20, heichou02, greaves10, intensity17, inabox09, kiyohime19, notequal20
Reading Between the Lines 262: received voile03, eon17, freeze16, native15, rakugo01, karma05, daein09, perfect12, harnais20, scribbled19, caliber19, boyslove20, relax06, mathematics10, netop12, conquer15, betray05, anxiouswhite04, bangle19, feared14, wingly02, hiding19, recruit07, paratrooper03, gian15, pokute08, tenjiryuu06, transfer16, iwant06, benefits03, driger17, camaraderie09, modeljob05, weak01, raccoon11, sphinx212, lazier02, ayingott11, enigmatic10, wirukun08, macarons04, elderly04, warhero10, unpleasant03, rubber19, scorching19, cedef06, barrier10, strategies06, softhearted05, one orange crayon, one yellow crayon, two blue crayons, one grey crayon
Swap Station 103: swapped fisticuffs04, gransys07, gransys16, kawasumia10 for fisticuffs05, gransys18, gransys19, kawasumia12
Deck Lover 105: received chuunibyou12, pc-9805, ember02, nonbinary07, post-skip03, zoanthrope10
Deck Lover 107: received intensity08, wakamoto18, shaft16, miyanom10, sakamoto01, keyhole15
Deck Lover 108: recevied gray15, uaa02, nonbinary09, crimea11, ensanguined03, metafalica04
Hi-5 Radio 160: received doodle05, levelseven20, snowmaru03, braves19
Hi-5 Radio 159: received smile19, awaken20, fujoshi06, steam13, wakaba13, shadowpath17, hoodie01, proud03, badfuture06, drummer17
Colors Stamp Card 21 Week 2: swapped horoscope02 for limsa09, rottencop01, headphone14, blackwhite10, performage16, armadillo09
Traded with Ana my quiche02, pie02, tart02 for pandaemonium01, wildrose01, artemisbow01 (02. 06/20)
January 2018 New Releases: 1. quiche02, 2. pie02, 3. tart02, Bonus: corgi01, 2ndlt11, slingshot15

December 2017 )
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Welcome to my trick-or-treat post! I've slowed down a bit recently, but I'm back for Halloween! Once again, I'm here for your green candy needs!
So feel free to comment (and mention who you are for my logs, please) and get some sweets!

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Orange: 3
Yellow: 2
Green: 2
Blue: 4
Purple: 4
Brown: 3
Grey: 4

Purchased Candies: 8 yellow, 8 green, 8 brown, 24 grey

Orange Oasis Coupon: 4 red, 2 yellow, 4 blue
Yummy Yellow Coupon: 3 brown, 2 grey
Glorious Green Choice Cards: 3 orange (ronin13/16/17), 4 purple (obscenity06/09/11/14)
Purple Poison Choice Cards: 2 green/2 grey (scientists07/12)
Black and White SHop: swapped crayons for 8 yellow candies, 8 green candies, 8 brown candies, 24 grey candies
Gray Gifts (6 coupons): 8 yellow, 8 brown, 14 grey
Brown Break Raffle Tickets: 5 grey
Boundless Blue Prizes: 4 green, 1 grey
Purple Poison Round 2: 3 green/3 grey (scientists15/17/20)
Glorious Green Round 2: 1 green, 1 grey (rusty04, vinewhip03)
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Hello, everyone! Welcome once again to my trick-or-treat post, 2016 edition!
It is that time of year again-- another color this time!
I'm giving away orange candies!
So feel free to comment (and mention who you are for my logs, please) and get some sweets!

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Candy Logs:
Red: 7
Orange: 2
Yellow: 7
Green: 4
Purple 6:

Shopping Street
Glorious Green: 2 yellow, 2 green, 2 blue, 2 purple for lightning01, marimo08, mako06, bride04
Purple Poison: 4 red, 1 orange, 2 yellow, 2 green, 2 brown, 1 grey for 8-bit01, brothers05, jobs04, x-scissor07
Boundless Blue: 3 grey for 1 Mystery Gift
Brown Break: 4 purple, 1 brown for 5 Raffle Tickets
Yummy Yellow: 3 red, 1 orange, 3 yellow, 3 blue for 2x Sketchpad Reward Coupon
Black&White: 8 brown crayons for 32 brown candies
Orange Oasis: Double Reward from Games Coupon for 20 brown candies
Gray Gifts: 2 New Release Coupons for 12 brown candies
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12/27/15: Starter Pack: received bulbasaur02_05 (choice), squirtle01_08, squirtle02_05, cyndaquil02_07, tepig02_07, 3 Pokeballs (regular).
Holiday Update: received articuno01_02
Hometown Black Jack: torchic01_09, tepig02_06, evo_firestone
Hometown Level Guess: piplup01_09, fennekin01_09, 1 Regular Pokeball
Starter Slots: chimchar02_08, chikorita01_09, mega_blazikenite
Present Count: received christmas05_04, christmas04_02, dodrio01_04, hc10
Holiday Slots: seel01_04, christmas06_09, hc20
Holiday Black Jack: christmas04_01, christmas10_08, hc10

12/27/15: Traded with Fin: my fennekin01_09, torchic01_09 for tepig02_03, tepig02_05
Traded with Mirai: my chimchar02_08, cyndaquil02_07 for squirtle01_02, tepig02_02
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Hello, everyone! Welcome to my trick-or-treat post, 2015 edition! It is that time of year again, however in a dramatic twist,
I'm giving away yellow candies!
So feel free to comment (and mention who you are for my logs, please) and get some sweets!

Cuts for games with candies, received candies and candy log )

Sketchpad Trades:
1. Styx, Dina, Veth, Kaede, Aki, Kelsey, Erin, Eon, Adelicya, Netbug, Cami, Jun, Mousey, Jailynn, Nikita, Colette, Ten, Anna, Ivory & Horn, Moon
2. Lex, Sky, Melissa, Chives, Sammich, Dialny, Chi, Noxie, Raven, Jen, Aru

Shopping Street:
1 Double Game Rewards Coupon for 20 Grey Candies
1 Double Sketchpad Rewards Coupon for 5 Yellow Candies, 5 Grey Candies
2 New Release Pack Coupons for 1 Red Candy, 5 Yellow Candies, 6 Grey Candies
2 Mystery Gifts for 4 Red Candies, 2 Green Candies
4 Raffle Tickets for 2 Blue Candies, 2 Grey Candies
4 CHoice Specials (aerialace07/09, prophecy04/07) for Blue/Brown/Yellow x2, Red/Brown/Green, Red/Brown/Purple
10 choice character cards for 20 candies
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Welcome to my trick-or-treat post! Once again, I'm here for your green candy needs!
So feel free to comment (and mention who you are for my logs, please) and get some sweets!

Whoa, maybe I should cut this... )

Candy Log:
Red: 18
Orange: 16
Yellow: 14
Green: 17
Blue: 14
Purple: 12
Brown: 9
Grey: 12

1: Onyx, Adelicya, Kiri, Jen, Pam, Lila, Ralene, Ember, Nat, Netbug, Mad, Joyce, Rune, Kazu, Marge, Aave, Melissa, Sky, Lee, Nikita
2: Sammich, Dove, Lita, Anrui, Jun, Chuu, Toniko, Sanna, Harukami, Moon, AL, Chi, Muri, Cassidy, Dialny, Ten, Anna, Raven, Noxie, Adina

Shopping Street: Purple Poison: 3 Red, 3 Green, 6 Orange for marbirthday04, 05, 07
Glorious Green: 2 Red, 4 Yellow, 4 Green, 4 Blue, 9 Purple, 4 Brown for hadome05, hadome06, hiraikotsu02, impulsive08, impulsive09, viera03, viera06, wolf04, wolf06
Orange Oasis: 10 Blue, 3 Purple, 5 Brown, 12 Grey for Double Game Rewards Coupon
Yummy Yellow: 5 Yellow, 10 Green for Double Reward for Sketchpad Coupon
Grey Gifts: 13 Red, 5 Orange for 3 Release Pack Coupons
Boundless Blue: 5 Orange for Mystery Prize
Brown Raffle Shop: 5 Yellow for 5 Tickets
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