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Hello, everyone! Welcome once again to my trick-or-treat post, 2016 edition!
It is that time of year again-- another color this time!
I'm giving away orange candies!
So feel free to comment (and mention who you are for my logs, please) and get some sweets!

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Candy Logs:
Red: 7
Orange: 2
Yellow: 7
Green: 4
Purple 6:

Shopping Street
Glorious Green: 2 yellow, 2 green, 2 blue, 2 purple for lightning01, marimo08, mako06, bride04
Purple Poison: 4 red, 1 orange, 2 yellow, 2 green, 2 brown, 1 grey for 8-bit01, brothers05, jobs04, x-scissor07
Boundless Blue: 3 grey for 1 Mystery Gift
Brown Break: 4 purple, 1 brown for 5 Raffle Tickets
Yummy Yellow: 3 red, 1 orange, 3 yellow, 3 blue for 2x Sketchpad Reward Coupon
Black&White: 8 brown crayons for 32 brown candies
Orange Oasis: Double Reward from Games Coupon for 20 brown candies
Gray Gifts: 2 New Release Coupons for 12 brown candies
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12/27/15: Starter Pack: received bulbasaur02_05 (choice), squirtle01_08, squirtle02_05, cyndaquil02_07, tepig02_07, 3 Pokeballs (regular).
Holiday Update: received articuno01_02
Hometown Black Jack: torchic01_09, tepig02_06, evo_firestone
Hometown Level Guess: piplup01_09, fennekin01_09, 1 Regular Pokeball
Starter Slots: chimchar02_08, chikorita01_09, mega_blazikenite
Present Count: received christmas05_04, christmas04_02, dodrio01_04, hc10
Holiday Slots: seel01_04, christmas06_09, hc20
Holiday Black Jack: christmas04_01, christmas10_08, hc10

12/27/15: Traded with Fin: my fennekin01_09, torchic01_09 for tepig02_03, tepig02_05
Traded with Mirai: my chimchar02_08, cyndaquil02_07 for squirtle01_02, tepig02_02
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Hello, everyone! Welcome to my trick-or-treat post, 2015 edition! It is that time of year again, however in a dramatic twist,
I'm giving away yellow candies!
So feel free to comment (and mention who you are for my logs, please) and get some sweets!

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Sketchpad Trades:
1. Styx, Dina, Veth, Kaede, Aki, Kelsey, Erin, Eon, Adelicya, Netbug, Cami, Jun, Mousey, Jailynn, Nikita, Colette, Ten, Anna, Ivory & Horn, Moon
2. Lex, Sky, Melissa, Chives, Sammich, Dialny, Chi, Noxie, Raven, Jen, Aru

Shopping Street:
1 Double Game Rewards Coupon for 20 Grey Candies
1 Double Sketchpad Rewards Coupon for 5 Yellow Candies, 5 Grey Candies
2 New Release Pack Coupons for 1 Red Candy, 5 Yellow Candies, 6 Grey Candies
2 Mystery Gifts for 4 Red Candies, 2 Green Candies
4 Raffle Tickets for 2 Blue Candies, 2 Grey Candies
4 CHoice Specials (aerialace07/09, prophecy04/07) for Blue/Brown/Yellow x2, Red/Brown/Green, Red/Brown/Purple
10 choice character cards for 20 candies
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Welcome to my trick-or-treat post! Once again, I'm here for your green candy needs!
So feel free to comment (and mention who you are for my logs, please) and get some sweets!

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Candy Log:
Red: 18
Orange: 16
Yellow: 14
Green: 17
Blue: 14
Purple: 12
Brown: 9
Grey: 12

1: Onyx, Adelicya, Kiri, Jen, Pam, Lila, Ralene, Ember, Nat, Netbug, Mad, Joyce, Rune, Kazu, Marge, Aave, Melissa, Sky, Lee, Nikita
2: Sammich, Dove, Lita, Anrui, Jun, Chuu, Toniko, Sanna, Harukami, Moon, AL, Chi, Muri, Cassidy, Dialny, Ten, Anna, Raven, Noxie, Adina

Shopping Street: Purple Poison: 3 Red, 3 Green, 6 Orange for marbirthday04, 05, 07
Glorious Green: 2 Red, 4 Yellow, 4 Green, 4 Blue, 9 Purple, 4 Brown for hadome05, hadome06, hiraikotsu02, impulsive08, impulsive09, viera03, viera06, wolf04, wolf06
Orange Oasis: 10 Blue, 3 Purple, 5 Brown, 12 Grey for Double Game Rewards Coupon
Yummy Yellow: 5 Yellow, 10 Green for Double Reward for Sketchpad Coupon
Grey Gifts: 13 Red, 5 Orange for 3 Release Pack Coupons
Boundless Blue: 5 Orange for Mystery Prize
Brown Raffle Shop: 5 Yellow for 5 Tickets
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From June 2013 to August 2013 in comments, from August 2103 in the entry-

GENERAL NOTE- I work a 9-5 type job (PST), so I can keep track of trade requests throughout the day, I just may not be able to respond until after work. Thanks, everyone!

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